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shutterstock_101563702 When you are ready to find an optometrist for your eye problems and you are looking in the greater Nashville area, there is one clinic that stands out from the rest. Jessup Eye care has a significant patient base and it is always growing as we get newcomers to the area who visit us from referrals. Our patients are so fond of us that they refer their friends when they discover that they need a new optometrist. As individuals age, their eyesight goes and that leads them to need new care.

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As an optometry clinic in a big and busy city is our responsibility to provide the best possible care we can to our clients irrespective of their condition. Most people do not come to us initially for their own enjoyment, they come to us because they need help. Our mission is to provide each new and returning patient with the service and treatment they require, whether it is diagnosing a new eye condition, or determining if the patient needs a stronger prescription lens.

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